Drinking a sufficient amount of clean water every day can provide many health benefits including clearer skin, more energy, better brain function, weight loss, improved immunity and helps to flush out toxins. However, not all water dispensed is equal – some can contain dangerous materials such as rust and asbestos fibres which could make their way into your glass of chilled water. Zip taps have a sub-micron filter system which removes these unwanted substances from your drinking water.

These filters ensure you are only consuming pure-tasting drinking water that is free from contaminants, giving you peace of mind to confidently drink straight from the tap. Zip offers a range of carbonation options including sparkling and still water, and these can be swapped out as required with a new cartridge to keep your water fresh.

Zip HydroTaps are considered the world’s most advanced drinking water systems, providing instant access to filtered boiling and chilled & sparkling water, all from a single tap. This state-of-the-art technology, coupled with MicroPurity filtration and timeless design, delivers superior quality drinking water that tastes great and reduces plastic waste by eliminating the need for single use bottled water.

Whether you install it beside your existing kitchen mixer or as a standalone tap on an island bench, a Zip HydroTap will become a beloved addition to your home. These taps can dispense a combination of boiling, chilled or sparkling and hot water at the press of a button, with a variety of designs and finishes to suit your style. They also have energy saving modes, a boiling safety lock and come with a three year warranty on the tap and five years on the tank. zip taps