A poker casino is a gambling establishment that offers card games like blackjack and poker. It is usually located in a hotel or casino and has its own dedicated room for players to play. It also has a staff that is trained to answer questions and ensure that the rules are not broken.

When you enter a poker game in a casino you must sign in at the desk. You will tell them what game you want to play and they will either write your initials on a list or have the host take note of your seat number for you. They will then call you when there is an opening at your chosen table.

Remember to never slow roll your hand. This may be a fun tactic at home, but in a casino game it is regarded as bad etiquette and can lead to bad feelings. Also, do not tuck large denomination chips behind smaller ones to obscure them. It is a violation of etiquette to do this and it can give the impression that you are trying to hide your bet amount.

If you have a problem with the way a dealer or floor is handling a situation or interpreting the rules, ask them to “call floor.” They are compelled by rule to do so and a senior member of staff will come to the table to issue a definitive ruling.

In live casino games the house takes a rake of 5-20% of the pot up to a set cap, or in the case of online casino poker a time charge every half hour. It is a fee charged to cover costs of running the game. It is also used to pay dealers (though tips typically make up the bulk of their income) and other support staff at the table. m98.com ทางเข้า