Whether they’re watching sea otters frolicking or the sun rising over Seattle, webcams offer viewers a glimpse of natural and man-made wonders. People of all ages and backgrounds find them intriguing. The innate fascination in these live streams can be attributed to human curiosity and an appreciation for the diversity of our world.

Streaming cameras are often used in business settings, for videoconferencing and collaboration among co-workers. They’re also an effective marketing tool for hotels and attractions to promote their facilities and engage with online visitors. Some even use streaming technology to train employees and deliver content from remote locations.

A webcam is a digital camera that connects to a computer and captures and transmits still or live pictures and videos over an Internet connection. They can be standalone external devices or built into computers with integrated cameras. They can also be USB or wireless and come in a variety of resolutions. Some of the best webcams have auto light correction features for dim lighting conditions.

When choosing a webcam for live streaming, consider the image quality and its field of view. The wider the field of view, the more of your surroundings can be captured and displayed. If you’re going to be using it for an interview or collaborative stream, consider using multiple webcam angles. Eye-level positioning of the webcam is more flattering and makes it easier to maintain eye contact with your audience. A neutral and clutter-free background will help keep the focus on your face. Live webcams