Adding an extra living space to your home will enable you and your family to eat, relax or work together more comfortably. However, a standard conservatory may often be too warm in summer and cold in winter to spend prolonged periods of time in. This can make it unusable for many families. A new roof can transform this room and ensure it is suitable for year-round use.

There are several different types of roof available to help you achieve the perfect conservatory for your South Wales home. You can choose from polycarbonate, UPVC or even a solid conservatory roof. Choosing the right roof will improve the comfort of this space and enable you to make the most of the beautiful South Wales weather.

An Equinox Tiled Conservatory Roof

The Equinox is a lightweight solid roof for existing conservatories and orangeries that can also be retro-fitted to new-build structures. It is a modern alternative to an UPVC roof and comes in a range of tiles that can be used to match your home’s existing architecture.

This conservatory roof features a thermal core that helps to keep the room warmer in winter and cooler in summer, helping you to get more value from your investment. It also features a ridge vent that allows the conservatory to be ventilated and prevents the build-up of condensation that can cause mould and damp in this type of room.

A Leka Roof for your Conservatory

The Leka tiled conservatory roof is a high-quality product manufactured by Ultraframe, the leading brand in the industry. This roof is built with an insulated load bearing structural sheet which is a lot lighter than an old polycarbonate roof and requires less roofing bars than an UPVC roof. This is combined with internal boards and insulation sheets that offer better protection from the changeable elements.

These are then covered by a range of attractive tiles that are available in a wide selection of colours. This means you can find a finish that perfectly complements your South Wales home and will allow your new conservatory to blend seamlessly with the rest of your property.

A solid conservatory roof will also provide better insulation, making your new space more energy efficient. This will reduce your energy bills and help you to protect the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

It will also stop drafts and leaks that can occur in an older polycarbonate or UPVC conservatory roof. These draughts can be a major problem and can make your conservatory too cold to enjoy in the winter and too hot in summer.

When you choose a company that is an Ultra Installer, you can be sure that they will have the skills and knowledge to install your new conservatory, replacement conservatory roof or extension in line with Building Regulations. In addition, they will be able to advise you on Planning Permission and Permitted Development rules that may apply to your project. conservatory roofs south wales