Singapore is a small island located to the south of Johor State in southern Malaysia. Although it is a small nation, there are numerous ways to enter the country that makes it very convenient for travelers to travel in and out of Singapore. This is one of the main reasons why Singapore is known as a major travel hub in the South East Asian region. You can enter by all forms of transportation, from air, bus, train, and sea. Here is a detailed summary of the common entry points to Singapore.

By Air

All international flights arriving into Singapore will arrive into Changi International Airport, which is located on the eastern tip of Singapore. The airport has 3 terminals that serve the major international airline companies, as well as a budget terminal that serves the low cost budget airline carriers. The airport is modern, clean, and efficient, so entering through here is quite easy and straight forward.

By Bus

There are 3 main bus terminals in Singapore that connects to destinations all over Malaysia and even up to Thailand. The Queens Street Bus Terminal at Bugis area in Singapore provides bus and taxi services that head up to Johor Bahru (the neighboring city right across the border in Malaysia) only. As for buses that travel from other locations in Malaysia and even from Thailand, the Lavender Bus Terminal near Lavender MRT area, and the Golden Mile Complex Bus Terminal are the main places that serves these destinations.

By Train

There is only one train station in Singapore that connects to Malaysia and beyond. This train station is located at the Woodlands Checkpoint on the northern tip of Singapore near Kranji MRT station.

By Sea

There are 3 ferry terminals in Singapore that provides ferry service from neighboring countries of Malaysia and Indonesia. The Changi Village terminal provides ferry service by bumboat to and from Kampung Pergerang which is located in the Johor State of Malaysia. As for other destinations in Malaysia and Indonesia, then the ferry terminals at Harbourfront (central southern tip near Sentosa Island) and Tanah Merah (near eastern side of Singapore) are the places that serve those destinations.

Traveling into Singapore has many options, as you can commute by air, land, and sea. By knowing the common entry points into Singapore, then you will be able to plan your trip effectively for both coming into Singapore and for your onward journey out of Singapore. how to set up a company in Singapore