The MP4 Player comes with  touch=screen facility that allows for easier use  as people  do not have to continuously push buttons to complete a game and the MP4 Player with full touch-screen control and a beautiful 2.8 Inch TFT display for viewing movies and pictures is quite popular among young people. Complete touch screen control is one of the coolest features anyone could ever ask for in a MP4 player.

The reason for the popularity of the MP4 player is the responsive touch-screen that makes navigating through MP3 audio and MP4 video files a breeze. Even the other functions such as the FM radio and picture viewer are equally enriched by the ease use of a simple stylus or even the finger. The crystal clear LCD and high quality audio output from the MP4 player and the high clarity earphone output makes listening to your favorite tunes while out on the go a real pleasure.

With the advent of MP4 player, the storage of music and videos on a hard disk has really changed for the better where thousands of files can be stored at a time. The biggest advantage of MP4 player is that you can directly play your flash music format videos without any conversion which means you can download your favorite music from the Internet and play them directly on your player without having to convert the music.

You also have another choice you can buy a MP4 player with a camera or without one depending on what features you like; anyways cameras don’t play music so if you are concentrating on music buying a MP4 player without a camera is a better option. And movie and music lovers nowadays are caught up with the release of 8GB MP4 player that can easily store up a large amount of songs and movies.

 MP4 player also come with compressed video feature and with this smaller sized format, you have the option to store more music and video files on the disk space and playing them over different media players is not a problem anymore either.

MP4 player also support AVI, ASF, WMV, RM, RMVB, VCD, MPEG, MOV, DVD and 3GP type of files so there is hassle of looking for conversion software. You also have the choice of buying different MP4 player like the MP4 CD Players, Flash Based MP4 Players and Hard Drive Based MP4 Players. youtube downloader online