Whether you’re trying to shatter the initial awkwardness in conversation with a stranger or just want to level up your dating game, picking the right pickup line is crucial. The lines that work are ones that show off your sense of humor and confidence, so don’t be afraid to embrace how cheesy they are—if you say them correctly, of course.

Pickup lines can be tricky to master, and using one on someone for the first time can feel downright terrifying. But if you know what you’re doing, you can use the best pick up lines to grab her attention, break the ice, and spark attraction.

This one takes a bit of confidence and energy, but it’s the kind of line that can easily turn into a laugh-out-loud moment that gets her hooked. Plus, it shows her you’re interested in more than just her body and want to keep talking about herself.

Nothing turns a woman off faster than being objectified, so this pickup line is a total no-go. Not to mention, it’s gross and just downright offensive.

If you want to use this pick up line, wait for a lull in their conversation. Then, approach them in a casual and polite way, interrupting their flow. Be sure to make eye contact, and when they answer your question with a smile or laugh, the line has done its job. However, if they give a short and disinterested response, you might want to reconsider your approach.