You will not understand how hard it can be to find the right unique baby gift for your first baby until you are invited to a baby shower. After all, baby showers often turn into an extravagant event, where each person tries to outdo the others with getting just the perfect gift. If your circle isn’t like that, you still want to get something that will make you remembered. Everyone dreams of getting the baby boy or baby girl her favorite toy, providing them something they will cherish growing up. Picking out the perfect unique baby gift can be just this opportunity. Before you go on baby shopping, of course you have to remember that little ones are notoriously arbitrary in their tastes. Sometimes a gift that looks like a good idea will be completely ignored, or something as simple as a ball of socks or a little jangly toy will capture the baby’s attention for hours. Personalized baby gifts are great way to show the parents how much you care, but remember that the baby him or herself is likely to destroy a delicate blanket or bib within days, if not hours. With that, be preprepared for any reaction that might have to your unique baby gifts, but don’t get your feelings hurt. After all, who knows what a baby is going to think! Until the time came when my niece is pregnant with her first child. She and her husband have tried to get pregnant for several years, so they are very excited about getting their family started. I was invited to a baby shower. I knew that my niece had been doing a great deal of shopping for the baby already; so I wanted to purchase special baby gifts that she had not already purchased or seen. The department stores did not offer any special baby gifts; they had items that have been around for years.When I was at the shopping mall, I mentioned to one of the sales clerks that I needed special baby gifts for my niece’s baby. She stated that the store did have a line of infant things that can be personalized with the babys name. This sounded intriguing to me so I asked to see what was available in this line of merchandise. The clerk had several items in stock that she was able to show me. She showed me bibs that were embroidered with the infants name on them. She showed me baby blankets that were embroidered with not only the babys name, but the date of birth and weight and length at birth. Each of these special baby gifts needed to be special ordered and would be available in a week to ten days after the order was placed. The clerk also showed me several items in a catalog including diapers that were personalized with the babys name. I did like the unique aspects of these special baby gifts; however the shower was going to be held prior to the babys birth so I would not have the information that was needed to have the items personalized.So, I tend to look for another store to find baby gift for my niece’s baby. Until I found a small store that was filled with special baby gifts. This store had many of the same things from the department store, but they have a local seamstress that will complete the personalization within a day. I decided to purchase several of the special baby gifts. I bought the baby blanket that could have the babys personal information embroidered on. I also bought a picture frame that had a place to engrave the babys name. The picture frame also had space to frame the birth certificate next to the babys photo. I had the clerk wrap the gifts and she included a card with the shops name and telephone number so that my niece could have the embroidery and engraving completed once the baby was named. The shop charges a flat rate for the embroidery and engraving, which I paid for at the time of purchase. My niece would not have to pay anything to complete the personalization.There are some great unique baby gifts out there that was mentioned above. My niece was very happy with the special baby gifts that I gave for her baby. She knew where the shop was, but had not gone into it. We made plans that I would go with her during her maternity leave to have the special baby gifts finished off. And I have found out that one of the unique baby gift that is guaranteed to please is a handmade blanket. When I was a little kid, my grandmother made me be just such a blanket. It was delicate, with a lot of brightly colored yarn. I found it soft and comfortable, and carried it around for years afterwards. By the time I was done with it, it was little more than a bunch of threadbare cotton. Nonetheless, I still loved it.Remember that some babies, the louder and more flashy a toy, the better. Electronic toys are all the rage for baby shower presents, even if they aren’t very unique baby gifts. Kids like things with buttons that you can press to make them flash. Just make sure that the kid doesn’t have the same toy already there’s nothing like a duplicate present to disappoint a young child.Lastly, if you need to find more baby gift for your little ones, you can shop online on baby boutique for infants and toddlers. There you can find a unique gift giving items ideas for your baby. limo chauffeur melbourne