Steroids Thailand – Anabolic steroids are synthetic hormones that instruct muscle tissue to grow. They’re used for a range of reasons, including increasing strength, boosting stamina and preventing fatigue. They’re also used by bodybuilders to achieve a more defined physique and to improve recovery from training sessions. But, despite the popularity of steroids, there are some serious side effects associated with taking them.

Last year the death of Australian amateur bodybuilder Aziz “Zyzz” Shavershian in a Bangkok sauna highlighted the trend for regular gym users to travel abroad to take “steroid holidays”. Many have since come forward admitting that they have taken steroids overseas rather than risk a criminal record at home.

The ease with which steroids can be obtained in Thailand is part of their allure to gym users. A Fairfax Media investigation found pharmacies in both Bangkok and Pattaya stocking steroid products, often selling them for a fraction of the price they’re sold for online in Australia. For example, a bottle of Andriol pills, which are testosterone in tablet form, cost 840 baht in Pattaya and Testoviron injections were 3,000 baht _ about a quarter of what they sell for online.

The legality of steroids varies from country to country. In some places, like Mexico and Thailand, they’re available over the counter without a prescription, but in other countries, such as the US, growth hormone is only legally available with a doctor’s prescription to treat certain medical conditions. Steroids Thailand