Ziziphus Spina Christi (locally known as Sidr) is a multi-purpose tree which grows almost everywhere in the Middle East. The leaves of this unique plant are a natural component in herbal shampoos that fight dandruff, head lice and scalp conditions like psoriasis and eczema. It is also a powerful remedy for treating black magic spells and eliminating the effects of jinn attacks.

Sidr leaves are rich in vitamin C and a variety of essential minerals including calcium, iron, zinc and potassium. They have been found to have strong anti-inflammatory properties and are very helpful in relieving symptoms of constipation, bloating and gas. They are also said to increase bile production and fat digestion. In addition, they are a natural remedy for diarrhea and may help reduce the frequency of migraines, headaches, nausea, fatigue, and allergies.

Research suggests that sidr leaves contain compounds that may relax blood arteries and enhance blood flow. They may also lower cholesterol, according to one study. They are also known to be high in fibre, which helps with weight loss. However, more research is needed on the subject.

Sidr leaves can be used to wash hair or as a scrubbing powder when mixed with water. This is a safe alternative to shampoo or gel soap. Alternatively, sidr can be mixed with henna to make a paste that can be applied on the skin and hair. It is also a powerful ingredient in Henna dyes as it can prevent the color from bleeding. Lastly, it is a great addition to any nabk (sandalwood) mixture as it can prevent the stains from developing on the skin or clothes during or after the application of henna.