PEX al pex pipe is a type of polyethylene (PEX) tubing with an aluminum layer inside. It takes advantage of the strength, chemical resistance, and pressure potential of metal by coating aluminium layers between plastic ones. The aluminium layer also prevents the tube from leaking and makes it easy to install. It is often used in radiant heated floors, hot water baseboards, boiler’s main lines and fan coils. The aluminium layer also allows the pipe to take the shape you determine, avoiding the need for elbows or 45’s and making the system more aesthetically pleasing.

In addition, it is able to handle high temperatures and maintain its flexibility even when under pressure. This is an important feature for heating systems as it improves the efficiency of the system and reduces energy costs. PEX-AL pipes also exhibit high resistance to a variety of chemicals, including disinfectants and oxidizing agents. This helps ensure the safety of gas systems by preventing the degradation of the pipes due to exposure to these substances.

PEX-AL is also easier to install than copper or black iron because it requires less tools and has fewer steps. This is due to the fact that it has a central shut off, so you only have to turn off the water supply for the section of the pipe being replaced. This makes the repiping process much faster than traditional copper or galvanized steel. You can find PEX-AL at most plumbing supply houses and home improvement stores. pex al pex pipe