The Spanish non lucrative visa is a popular choice for retirees looking to move to Spain, as it does not require any type of investment. In fact, it is often viewed as a more convenient option than a Golden Visa, which requires a substantial investment in one of several eligible types of investments, primarily real estate. While both options allow the holder to live in Spain without working, the non lucrative visa also allows family members to reside with them. It is valid for one year and can be renewed for another two years, which makes it ideal for those who plan to retire in Spain.

The non lucrative visa is based on demonstrating that you have sufficient financial means to support yourself in Spain, but the requirements are far lower than those for a Golden Visa, currently EUR30,000 held in your bank account plus EUR7,200 per spouse or dependant. Unlike the Golden Visa, which does not allow you to bring your family members with you, you can apply for a non lucrative visa that includes your spouse and any dependants.

After submitting your application, you will be contacted by the consulate for an appointment to attend. At this meeting, you will be fingerprinted and asked to provide the relevant documentation for your case. Depending on the Spanish consulate you are filing with, they may also request a police certificate or criminal record report and a medical examination report.

Once your file has been approved, you will be able to receive your visa and residence card. You should be notified within a month of the date your card will be available for pick-up. It is important to note that once your non lucrative visa expires, you will need to start the renewal process 60 days before your current card expires.

In addition to having enough money to support yourself in Spain, you will also need private health insurance to prove that you can access healthcare should you need to do so. This is especially important after Brexit, as the UK no longer has a reciprocal agreement with the European Union, and you will need to be covered by private insurance until a new arrangement is agreed.

To help you meet the requirements for your non lucrative visa, BCN Life can assist with sourcing private healthcare in Spain. We will set you up with a private insurance policy that meets the requirements of the Spanish authorities. We can also help you with the many other aspects of preparing to relocate to Spain, including finding an apartment and registering at the local council. To find out more, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you. non lucrative visa spain