If you’re a fan of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, you’ll want to get your hands on these costumes.

Upon completing a number of Harlem-based side missions, Miles will be rewarded with this suit in a few different colors. It looks almost like an armored symbiote costume, but with lots of gold details and unique black eyes.

This is the suit that Miles was wearing when he first made his debut in the comics, which was before he even met Peter Parker. It featured a blue bodysuit with a red spider logo and webbing across the shoulders, torso, legs, and gloves. The suit was also adorned with beads along the arms and a red hoodie.

Miles’ new Spider-Man suit was created after he was forced to bond with the corrupted Carnage symbiote and took on its shape and color scheme. It resembled his original suit, but with a more ingrained web pattern and ripped red gloves and boots. It also had a snazzy asymmetrical design with a shortened red spider logo on the chest and webbing patterns across the torso, legs, and shoulders.

This is the suit that Miles uses to take down villains at The Underground and Roxxon Lab. By completing all of the hologram challenges that Peter Parker leaves for you, you can unlock this futuristic outfit. It features a metallic look, a helmet with Daft Punk-like LED display and audio jack headphones built in, and special takedowns that use extendable legs. Spider-man Miles Morales Costume