Image film is a kind of corporate video that tells the story of your company or project in an impressive way. It is an ideal way to make customers and applicants curious about you. We take care of the entire production for you – from conception to finished product. We create your image film based on the individual needs of your company and its goals. We are happy to support you in the development of a video concept that impresses your target group.

A film’s visual style is determined by the composition of its elements, including light, color, rhythm and the direction of movement. These elements are arranged and combined using various techniques to convey emotion, atmosphere and drama.

The image-bearing layer of a film is coated on a substrate that determines its physical characteristics, such as flexibility and transparency. The most common types of film bases are cellulose acetate and polyester. Cellulose acetate was widely used in older films, but it has been replaced by polyester, which is less flammable and more stable over time.

A film’s emulsion contains a mixture of different chemical compounds, including black colloidal silver sol pigment for absorbing light, two UV absorbents to improve the film’s lightfastness, oxidized developer scavengers, dyes for compensating optical density during printing and gelatin. Films containing colored dyes have additional emulsion layers containing pigments such as yellow and red, as well as color couplers. When the film is developed, these emulsion layers combine to produce the colored visible image. imagefilm