When a refrigerator breaks down it’s one of the biggest concerns of any RVer. The fridge is an integral part of your camper, and it’s where you store all your food and drinks for your trips. It’s important to take the time to learn how your RV refrigerator works and what you can do to prevent problems.

There are several different types of rv refrigerators, and each type uses a unique method to cool your food and drinks. Depending on what type of rv refrigerator you have in your RV, it may be powered by electricity, propane gas, or a combination of both.

Electric Refrigerators – These refrigerators use an electrical compressor to create cold air that’s pulled into the fridge and used to keep your food cold. They run off a 12-volt power supply that can either come from your RV battery or from an external battery connected to solar panels. This makes these fridges a great option for those that want to reduce their environmental impact or have limited space in their RV.

Propane Refrigerators – These refrigerators burn propane to keep food cold through a chemical process. They use vents that release excess heat to avoid overheating and are usually a good fit for those that don’t have the room or budget for an absorption refrigerator.

If you have a propane refrigerator, it’s important to check for leaks often. Look for signs of leaking ammonia in your refrigerator, like a sweet smell or yellow residue (usually caused by sodium chromate). If you notice any of these symptoms, have a professional look at it as soon as possible to save yourself an expensive repair bill.