From law enforcement officers and data entry clerks to software engineers and customer service representatives, almost every profession requires some typing skills. Typing quickly and without errors can help you complete your work more efficiently, giving you the time to devote more attention to other tasks on your plate. In fact, some people can reach speeds of 100 wpm or more, which is why it’s important to test your typing speed and keep improving.

The best free online typing tests evaluate your skills by asking you to type sample sentences or words in a short amount of time. They typically measure your words-per-minute (WPM) and total number of errors. The results are displayed on the screen in a clear format with instructions.

Some of the most popular online typing tests include Key Hero, FastKeys, and Typing Test Online. Each site operates slightly differently, but they all ask you to type as many words or sentences as possible in a certain amount of time. If you make mistakes, the text will turn red and a penalty is applied to your WPM score. If you don’t want to fix your mistakes, you can press “return” and retype the word or phrase.

Using these free testing websites will give you an accurate estimate of your typing speed and accuracy level. However, to get a true picture of your typing abilities you must take the test several times and write at least 6 error-free sentences. typing speed test