Arbitrage betting is a popular method of making money online through sports wagering. However, it requires extensive research and the ability to act quickly in order to profit from these opportunities. In addition, it’s one of the quickest ways to get banned or limited by a sportsbook.

To take advantage of an arb, you need to have multiple betting accounts with different bookmakers or exchanges. You also need a software that scans each of these sites for odds that are far enough apart from each other to generate a profit. This is difficult to do manually, so many players look for bots that can find these opportunities on their behalf.

Once you have a software that can identify arbs, the next step is to place the bets. However, this can be dangerous because the lines can move before you have a chance to make your wagers. In addition, the more you bet on a particular market, the more likely it is that the line will move away from you.

Another problem with arb betting is that it can be difficult to hide your sharp action. For example, if you bet on NFL sides and totals, you will stand out to the sportsbooks because these are the most common types of wagers. To avoid this, you need to focus on more obscure markets and look for bets that will blend in with casual betting. These bets are often harder to win, but they are less likely to draw attention from the books.