The best portable fire pump is an essential tool for battling the flames of a wildfire. These high pressure pumps work by drawing water through an inlet valve and transferring it through a discharge valve at an elevated rate. They are available in a large range of sizes with the choice of petrol or diesel powered and in electric or recoil start. There are also specialised options such as Trash pumps for dirty water with solids or water transfer pumps to suit a variety of jobs around your farm or property.

Some of the best portable fire pump manufacturers provide complete packages that include hose reel to hydrant applications and nozzles. These systems allow for remote starting based on line pressure drops and automatic priming without the need for operator assistance. They also feature rugged construction to withstand harsh conditions and have the ability to run dry indefinitely for extended periods.

Rosenbauer International AG is a renowned fire fighting pump manufacturer and supplier that leverages cutting-edge technology, a diverse product portfolio, superior quality, and extensive industry experience to create reliable and efficient fire protection solutions. Their focus on innovation, customization capabilities, and commitment to customer service has earned them a leading position in the firefighting market.

When fighting a wildfire, it’s often difficult to get to the fire site with a water source in hand. That’s why fire pump manufacturers are attuned to the needs of wildland firefighters and produce models that can deliver the water necessary to combat a fire at a long distance or at a high elevation. One such model is the Wick(r) BN4200-23BS, a large portable fire pump that can handle high volumes and high pressures. best portable fire pump