First class airline tickets are usually not an option whether you are a frequent business class traveler or just someone who like to go on trips. The cost can easily equal to two or more major travel expense. Those who want to experience it can look for discounted first class tickets offered by many airlines and travel agencies.

The rising number of travelers moving regularly from one city or country to another has made discount first and business class travels trendy. While there are, many discounted flights found online it is important to research carefully when choosing the best one for you.

Many airports have separate check in counters and lounges for first and business class travelers. Some perks to look forward to include comfortable lounges, free drinks, internet access, newspapers, and even shower rooms. Here are some tips on how to get the best first class airline tickets and discounted business class tickets.

Early check-in

Booking first class and business class flights online not only give you lower airfares, you can also choose your preferred seat in advance. Cheap upgrades are also available at this point. This is because airlines want to sell off tickets at lower costs rather than end up with empty seats.

Online services

There are several online services offering flight packages from reputed airlines. Compare the different airfares and travel packages. They offer good deals on discounted business class tickets as well as first class airline tickets. Be careful when choosing an online payment option if you’re booking with travel companies. Only choose to deal with reliable sources and examine all the details on their website.

Incentive for regular flyers

You can also save more money through frequent flyer miles program. Frequent travelers can check their credit/miles and use them to upgrade a flight. The benefits vary from airline to airline. There are companies that offer frequent flyer miles. It means you are instantly buying the points/miles without having to make several trips to earn them. Make sure, though, that you’re buying extra miles from reliable companies.

Comparing multiple airlines and sale rates

It is important to look for different airlines and compare their rates to save more money on your regular travel expenses. Take advantage of sale fares and early-booking discounts. Some airlines offer great deals on first class airline tickets throughout the year. Others may also offer an entire aircraft for first or business class seats; fares in these flights are usually cheaper.

Travel agents and consolidators

Travel agents and consolidators work with airlines for discount airline tickets. Consolidators are companies that buy up seats from airlines and offer them at discounted rates. You can think of it as buying the hard-to-sell flights wholesale. Look for booking sites that work with consolidators so you can get the lowest fares. Most travel agents and consolidators have access to “unreleased” upper class airfares, which can reduce the price at 10 to 20 percent.

Long journey tickets

Some companies offer a “round the world ticket”. This is beneficial for frequent long-haul travelers. Long journey tickets are available in business and first class. They are comparatively affordable than regular airfares. You can work with consolidators or go directly to airline companies to find out more about this option. Egyptair flight booking