Dryers make laundry less of a chore, freeing you up to do other household tasks. When choosing a dryer, consider factors such as capacity, energy efficiency, features and more to find the right match for your home.

The amount of laundry you need to dry will affect the size of dryer that’s right for you. A dryer should be able to handle the amount of clothing, bedding or towels you regularly wash in a normal cycle without overfilling it. If overfilling happens, the load will become damp and damaged.

If you want to save on your electricity bills, consider models with advanced energy-saving technologies like heat pump dryers. These dryers use cold air to pull moisture out of the clothes and linens before heating them, which reduces wasted energy.

Other important factors when selecting a dryer are the type of fabrics you need to dry, the level of moisture in the fabric and whether you need a vented or ventless model. If you have sensitive materials or items that need to be protected from excess heat, look for dryers with special lint filters and anti-wrinkle settings to protect them.

When evaluating dryers, pay attention to their user-friendly designs. A clean and crisp control panel and LED indicators that surround the main dial are helpful. GE’s GFD65ESPVDS dryer, for example, has 12 drying cycles and 5 temperature settings as well as dedicated steam settings, Damp Alert and Wrinkle Care. dryers