If you’re launching a new beauty salon, or refurbishing your existing salon, then you’ll want to make sure that you have the beauty salon equipment that your customers expect you to have.

Here’s what you need to think about.

1. You’ll want to have nice couches and other reception furniture, so that your clients can wait in comfort. As first impressions count, you’ll want to portray a good image of your salon to your clients.

2. The treatment tables and couches you choose will need to comfortable, and adjustable, so that your clients are comfortable, and your beauticians can carry out the treatment processes your clients expect.

3. It’s important to have plenty of storage space, for all of your towels, gowns, lotions and potions, and everything else you need. You don’t want your salon to look untidy or unprofessional.

4. A microdermabrasion machine can offer anti aging treatments, by removing layers of dead skin, and is particularly effective for use on the face. If your clients want to look younger, then why not offer microdermabrasion?

5. A depilator is useful for getting rid of unwanted hair all over the body. With more and more effective ways to get rid of hairs, you’ll want to keep up with the technology to offer the best treatments for your clients.

6. Using a microcurrent machine for non invasive face lift treatments might prove popular with your clients. It works by improving circulation which helps to dramatically improve the skin. Why not consider a microcurrent machine for your salon?

7. Perhaps you’re considering offering ultrasonic treatment for deep and effective cleaning. This works by exfoliating the face and neck, leaving the skin brighter, and making other treatments more effective. What other treatment machines can you think of that will bring the results your clients want?

8. Don’t forget the shelves, chairs, sinks and mirrors that you’ll need too. You don’t wan to forget the basics in all the excitement of discovering new beauty salon equipment.

9. Remember that you’ll still need treatment areas for your other beauty treatments. As well as having the latest ant aging, or skin regeneration equipment, you’ll still need everything you need for more traditional beauty salon treatments.

10. As more and more men are having treatments, you might want to ensure that you have products and beauty treatments for men too. You might also want to change the layout of your salon, or change the colours, in order to attract more male customers too. Équipements spa massage