Even the most pristine jewelry can become dull, discolored and grimy with regular wear and tear. Whether it’s a sterling silver ring that has lost its lustre or an 18ct yellow gold vermeil necklace with tarnish, a little TLC can lift any discolouration and revive your treasured pieces. There are a variety of jewellery cleaners on the market including liquids, wipes and machines that use sound waves or steam. These products can work wonders to give your baubles a new lease on life without the need for a trip to the jeweller, as long as you pay careful attention to the instructions and only use them on metal or non-porous gemstones.

Liquid jewellery cleaners are a relatively affordable option and are usually targeted towards the specific type of metal you are looking to clean, although these formulas can irritate your skin and may not be safe for all gemstones. Wipes are also available and can be very effective, but they often come with abrasives that can damage delicate stones like opal or crystal. Those seeking an easy-to-use and more thorough DIY option should opt for an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner like the one below. This model features a dip tray and brush that makes applying the solution quick and precise and can be used to clean dainty pieces as well as larger medallions and watches.

The ultrasonic machine uses 42kHz high-frequency sound waves to remove dirt particles from items submerged in its liquid solution. The result is a sparkling, fresh-looking accessory with minimal effort from the user. Its compact size means you can store it easily and even has a power button with auto shut-off for convenience. best jewellery cleaner uk