You might not want to have one of the best golf bags in the world but for a regular golfer it is a must to have a top quality golf bag. Particularly if you love walking the golf course instead of driving in a golf cart. I would encourage all golfers to walk the golf course when playing as it builds fitness and gives you a better feel for the game. During the course of a round of golf you want your golf bag to be comfortable, attractive as well as long lasting.

Golf Tour Bags

There are only a few basic sizes to choose from when looking for the best golf bags. The main three sizes are tour bags, cart bags and carry bags. Have a look at what the professional player’s golf bags next time you watch them play on television. You will notice that they use these large, leather tour bags. They are packed with additional features such as waterproofing and larger pockets. This is so the players caddie can carry almost anything that is required for the professional during the course of a golf round.

As you can imagine these bags are very heavy and not suitable for the average club golfer who plays once or twice a week. The professionals pay their caddies good money to carry their bags. In fact Caddies often earn percentages of prize money based on how well their golfer performs.

Golf Cart Bags

This is without question the best golf bag for the regular weekend golfer. It’s a lot lighter than the tour bags and has more than enough pockets and space to carry anything most golfers will need. This is the next size down from the tour bags and the one I would recommend for most golfers.

Most cart bags are made of a leather and nylon fabric and are made by most of the top brands including Titleist, Callaway, Cleveland and Mizuno. They are the perfect size for a pull buggy for walking the golf course or they can fit nicely on a golf cart if you decide you don’t want to walk the golf course.

Golf Carry Bags

These are the next size down and are often used by juniors and beginners to the game of golf. This is because they are light and if you are starting out don’t need to carry a full set of clubs. Although most carry bags can accommodate a full set of clubs. They usually come with a set of pull out legs so you can stand it up on the golf course during your shot or a delay in play. They come with large straps made for carrying over your shoulders and come in various sizes made by all the top manufacturers. The prices of carry bags are usually a lot cheaper than cart bags due to their smaller size.

In summary there’s no doubt cart bags will cost you a bit more than carry bags. However I believe the cost is far outweighed by the fact that you are not putting any undue stress on your back and shoulders by carrying around a carry bag all day. So for me I would say the best golf bags are easily the cart bags. Invest in one today.. michael kors bags women’s