Online moving quotes are estimates from moving companies that help you calculate the cost of your move. They are calculated based on your home size, the origin and destination zip codes, the number of rooms, and the items you’ll be bringing with you. The more information you provide, the more accurate your quote will be. Then, you can choose the best company for your move from a list of vetted movers. The process is easy, fast and free! And, 5% of the total moving costs that you pay will be donated to a cancer treatment foundation – one of the three foundations that Agoyu has partnered with.

When you’re ready to get started, all you need to do is visit your moving company’s website and enter your move details. You’ll need to specify the type of home, your moving dates and other details like if you require any special services or storage units. In most cases, you can also request a full home inventory from the company, which will involve their sending a representative to your house to take an in-person stock of your belongings.

The size of your home will determine how much your move will cost because it will affect the volume and weight of your belongings. A minimalist living in a studio department will have fewer belongings, which means that their move will be cheaper than someone who lives in a fully furnished four-bedroom home. The more things you have, the more expensive your move will be because movers need to factor in the space they need to transport them and the weight of those belongings.

Other factors that influence the price of a move are:

When it comes to finding the best online moving quotes, it’s important to compare multiple providers and consider all your options. A reliable platform like Agoyu will allow you to do this easily by providing an online estimator that lets you see the prices and services of top movers in real time. In addition, the platform ensures that your contact details are secure and that you won’t receive unsolicited messages from moving companies.

The time of year of your move will also have an impact on the price. Typically, moving during the summer months will be more expensive than moving in the off-season.

Another major factor is the distance of your move, which will affect how much your online moving quote will be. Long distance moves tend to be more expensive than local moves, but even a short distance move can have an impact on your moving cost if you’re going to a new city or state.

If you have a fixed budget for your move, you can ask your moving company for a binding-not-to-exceed estimate. With this quote, the movers will charge you a higher price up front based on the estimated weight of your belongings, and they won’t charge you more than that amount. If, on the other hand, the actual weight turns out to be lower than the estimate, you’ll only have to pay the lesser amount. online moving quotes