Divorce is one of life’s most stressful, painful and financially risky experiences. During this difficult time, it’s important to hire an experienced and reputable Divorce lawyer in Nahariya who can help protect your rights and ensure a smooth divorce. The best way to find a good attorney is by asking for referrals from friends and family. However, it is also important to do some research online before deciding on a lawyer. Asking potential lawyers about their billing practices and getting a cost estimate can give individuals a better idea of what to expect throughout the process.

The field of family law covers a wide range of legal issues including custody, alimony, property division and support claims. It is an area that involves significant paperwork and long wait times, so it’s important to find a firm that has experience in this type of work. In addition, a family lawyer must be very familiar with the procedures related to the courts that handle family matters.

In addition to traditional divorce proceedings, couples can also opt for forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) such as mediation or arbitration. These options can be cheaper, faster and less traumatic than going to court. However, they are generally only appropriate for couples with very few assets or no children.

In Israel, family laws are governed by both religious and civil law. This means that divorce requests are handled by the religious courts of the couple’s faith, while other family matters are determined through civil courts. עורך דין גירושין בנהריה