Grip socks are a staple for many Pilates enthusiasts, and some studios require them for hygienic reasons (but also to help keep clients stable on equipment). They are designed with non-slip grips that make it easier to stay on the mat or equipment in sweaty classes. They’re often made from breathable, moisture-controlling fabrics that keep feet cool and dry and prevent the buildup of odor-causing bacteria during workouts. Some of them also feature compression to keep the socks in place and support arch and foot issues.

Grip socks come in a range of colors and styles. Some are simple black, while others feature colorful stripes, tie-dye or clever sayings. They’re typically made from a blend of fibers, including polyester or nylon to add structure and stretch, and natural materials like cotton or elastane for softness. Some are even made from recycled yarns to help minimize environmental impact.

The right pair of grip socks will feel comfortable, form to your feet and separate the toes for a barefoot-like workout experience. For some, this means toeless socks, while for others, a more traditional crew or full-coverage sock is the way to go. Some brands offer socks in 1/4-cuff, crew and calf-length options.

These light, breathable, moisture-wicking socks were a favorite of our testers for their ability to stay in place while offering enough grip for reformer sessions. These thin, lightweight socks also excelled in Lab tests for abrasion resistance and shrinkage. custom pilates socks