Grip socks are a relatively new football accessory that is becoming more popular in the game as they give players a much-needed boost in their performance on the pitch. Grip socks are made from a special material that contains small rubber grip elements that make it easier to control the ball and also help prevent your feet from slipping in shoes when playing football.

In addition to giving you extra traction and stability on the ground, football grip socks are also designed to eliminate the annoyance of blisters by locking your feet into the shoe/trainer with ease. This makes them great for pre season or when the ground is hard but you want to get a feel for a new pair of boots.

You will also find that grip socks are very lightweight and breathable so they don’t overheat your feet. The material is also able to absorb a lot of sweat so it will keep your feet fresh, dry and comfortable throughout the duration of the match or training session.

You can wear grip socks with any type of football shoes or trainers including moulded, stud and even astroturf. They are also compatible with both synthetic and leather boots and are perfect for tackling wet or snowy conditions. As well as this, they are comfortable to wear and take pressure off the balls of your feet which in turn helps prevent injury and swelling. Almost every professional player in the game uses grip socks and you could be one of them too! football socks grip