Grip socks are designed to offer maximum traction inside shoes to prevent slippage. The specialised gripping pattern is woven into the sock, reducing in-shoe movement, enabling greater control of the foot, which helps to improve performance. Grip socks are also often designed to be worn with different styles of footwear, including boots.

A traditional football kit sock relies on a combination of durable materials to provide a comfortable fit around the foot and calf, offering a solid base for players to play on. Slipping and lack of grip are common issues experienced by players, which can lead to serious injury problems. The solution comes in the form of a new generation of football grip socks, which are designed with a variety of specialised features to provide superior traction.

However, it is important to note that there has been limited research conducted to assess how well these specialised socks perform. One study showed that grip socks reduce the amount of in-shoe foot movement during a change of direction manoeuvre, but it is not clear whether this is because the socks help to increase or decrease the coefficient of friction between the shoe and floor.

Custom grip socks are a great addition to any trampoline park, providing a safe and secure jumping environment for all users. These personalised socks can be made with any design, and are available in a range of weave options for maximum customization and quality. Adding a high-definition woven logo to these socks will instantly elevate the look and feel of your products, whilst increasing brand awareness and acting as a wearable marketing tool for your business. custom grip socks