Baseball is one of the most popular sports around the world. The players like to wear high socks with striped patterns or unique logo designs which make them stand out amongst other players. They can also be worn to build brand awareness for their business or team. Custom logo baseball socks are great for both youth and adult teams. Whether you play in a professional league or community match a cohesive team uniform helps bring out the best performance, spirit and excitement on the field. Adding custom baseball socks with logo to your kit will create a unified look that shows your pride and unification as a team.

Design Online with No Minimums or Set-ups.
Our custom athletic baseball socks are made from premium materials allowing your team to show up on the field with confidence and a sense of unity. We offer a one-size-fits-most option to help ensure you don’t have any leftover uncommon sizes that will go to waste. Our customizable options allow you to add your team name, colors and even a custom sock pattern to create a truly unique look that will make your team stand out on the field.

Our 2-in-1 style allows you to customize your baseball socks with up to four colors including two stripe colors and a foot color. The sock will be knitted with the main body color in the top and your choice of two stripe colors in the bottom. We have three different styles of stirrup cut; 5″ which will arch just above the Achilles, 7″ which will arch somewhere near the middle of your calf and 9″ which will allow the most amount of foot color to be shown. custom baseball socks with logo