Few books have touched the hearts and minds of so many like Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s modern fable The Little Prince. Its message has become a global philosophy that can teach us how to appreciate life’s simple beauty, and understand the importance of meaningful friendships. In this article, we have compiled some of the most beautiful quotes from the little prince that you can use to inspire and encourage your friends.

From the very beginning of the story, Saint-Exupery makes it clear that he believes children are natural philosophers and creative thinkers with interesting views on the world around them. They often have the ability to see things that adults can’t – and they are far better at it! This is evident in the prince’s encounter with a rose, where he describes how she hid her beauty from the world and became downcast when she was compared to other common roses. She was convinced that she was one of a kind, but the prince teaches her that it is only through the heart that people can truly see the beauty in others.

As the prince is forced to leave his planet to explore the rest of the universe, he promises to keep the rose in his heart and in his mind, and tells the narrator that “no grown-up will ever understand how much I loved her.” This is another beautifully poignant quote from the little prince, as it shows that while it may be hard to say goodbye to those we love, the memory of their love can live on forever. the little prince quotes