Attracting YouTube views can be tricky for any video creator. It takes time to build a loyal audience that will keep coming back for more – but you can do it with the right strategy.

This article will explore some of the most effective ways to get more YouTube views – from improving your video titles and descriptions to focusing on your content quality and how it engages your audience.

YouTube is all about keeping viewers on the platform as long as possible so that they can see all of their ads (you can do that by making your videos appealing and engaging). One of the ways that YouTube measures this is by looking at the number of times your video is clicked, how many hours it’s watched and how much time people spend watching other videos on your channel (all measured in session time).

To increase your chances of getting more clicks, be sure to create a thumbnail that accurately reflects what the video is about. Nothing irritates audiences more than seeing a video that isn’t what they were expecting.

Use keywords in your title and description. YouTube’s algorithm recognizes your video’s topic by the words you use and then uses that information to recommend it for search queries.

Try to limit the amount of keywords you use – 15 or more is too much. Using a mix of broad and niche keywords can help YouTube better understand what your video is about. Also consider adding relevant hashtags to your videos. YouTube users often browse videos by the tags that are attached to them. Attracting YouTube views