Ally Customer Service is available around the clock for all online banking, auto loan, credit card, and investment customers. This includes online, phone, and live chat support. The company also offers mobile apps for checking and savings, a credit card, and an investment account. Ally Financial is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, and has over 20 offices around the United States. The company was founded in 1919 and is a global provider of automotive finance, corporate finance, online banking, mortgage operations, and investment products.

The Ally banking division was named the best bank for 24/7 customer service by NerdWallet in 2016. In addition to being accessible online, the company has no monthly fees on checking accounts and does not charge overdraft fees. Additionally, Ally has a large ATM network and offers refunds on out-of-network ATM fees. It also offers an interest checking account that pays higher yields than many brick-and-mortar banks.

With the exception of a few small issues, Ally is a great bank for those who are comfortable with a purely digital experience and don’t mind long wait times to speak to a representative. They offer competitive high-yield savings and CD accounts, an easy to use app, and several features that help savers reach their goals. In addition, Ally’s deposit accounts are insured up to $250,000 per qualifying account by the FDIC.

The company has an extensive volunteer program in which employees are given eight hours of paid time off every year to volunteer for a cause that is important to them. In addition, Ally matches employee donations to the organization of their choice. In 2017, Ally employees volunteered over 17,000 hours and donated more than $800,000 to their chosen charities.

Ally’s approach to customer service is refreshingly different from other banks. Instead of trying to maximize overdraft fees by creatively ordering transactions, the company has opted to limit overdraft charges and to notify customers before charging them. This policy has resulted in fewer overdraft charges for Ally customers and has helped the company earn loyalty among those who have used their services.

Ally is a leader in digital banking with online and mobile apps that allow customers to track their accounts, make payments, and set up alerts for low balances or high rates. The company is also an innovator in the mortgage industry and offers a wide variety of investment options. However, it is important to note that Ally has been involved in a data breach and class action lawsuits in the past. In addition, the Ally mobile app has been criticized for having numerous technical glitches. Despite these issues, Ally has been working to improve the overall customer experience. This has included investing in the development of its customer service capabilities. In addition to these efforts, Ally has partnered with FairShake, an advocacy platform that helps consumers get their voices heard when they aren’t being treated fairly by a business. The company recently launched an initiative called “My Money Deserves Better” to help consumers find the right mortgage for them and avoid the risks of bad loans.