According to the company’s LinkedIn page, advanced capital solutions “specializes in debt collections for small and mid-sized businesses.” However, this is not necessarily a good thing. Debt collectors have been known to contact consumers for debts that they do not actually owe or have the right to collect. This can be illegal, and it is often a cause for consumer complaints. If you believe that your rights have been violated by a collections agency such as Advanced Capital Solutions, you should contact an attorney immediately.

Despite being a comparatively new collection agency, Advanced Capital Solutions has already been sued several times for violating consumer’s rights while collecting on debts. This is evident by searching for the company on PACER (the Public Access to Court Electronic Records website), which lists federal complaints against companies.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prohibits debt collectors from engaging in certain behaviors that are considered to be harassing or unfair. These rules do not only cover the manner in which a debt collector can contact you; they are also prohibited from lying to you about how much you owe. Debt collectors are not allowed to use obscene or profane language to intimidate you, and they must notify you in writing that they are attempting to collect on a debt.

In addition, debt collectors may not call you at your work if you have told them that your employer does not approve of personal or debt-related calls. They must also abide by your request not to call you at your place of employment and must verify that they have the correct phone number before calling you again. Finally, debt collectors cannot threaten you with violence, corporal punishment, or arrest for unpaid debts unless they have proof that the debt is yours.

Moreover, debt collectors are not permitted to report inaccurate or incomplete information about you to the credit reporting agencies. In order to avoid being reported with inaccurate data, you should send the debt collector a written debt validation notice within five days of the first attempt to collect on the debt. The letter should contain details such as how much money you owe, who you owe it to, and how to dispute the debt if necessary.

Can I dispute Advanced Capital Solutions on my credit report?

If you have an incorrect entry on your credit report originating from Advanced Capital Solutions, you can file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. A complaint against a collection agency such as this one can be removed from your credit report, which will help to improve your score.

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