For the collector of antique, small accent lamps, there are four well-known makers and designers of antique models. These are Tiffany Glass or Tiffany Studios, Murano Glass, Waterford Crystal and Capo di Monte porcelain.

For those who collect small accent lamps, there are four antique manufacturers and styles that really stand out. These four names are Murano glass from Italy, Waterford Crystal from Ireland, Capo di Monte porcelain from Italy and Tiffany Studio glass from the United States.

While there are plenty of other well-known lamp manufacturers, these brands and styles hold their value and are some of the better-known names. To learn more about each one, keep reading. 

Table Lamps by Tiffany

A Tiffany lamp is one that has a shade made of stained glass. Original Tiffany lamps were made by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the late nineteenth century and have fetched more than $8 million at auction. Tiffany Studios ran until 1938. Since then, the lamps and their trademark styles have been mimicked and copied extensively.

Most original Tiffany lamps can be grouped into one of seven categories. These categories are called Geometric, Irregular Upper, Lower Border, Transition to Flowers, Favrile and Geometric. The Transition to Flowers category can be further broken down into Flowered Cone shaped lamps and Flowered Globe shape lamps.

Table and Small Lamps by Murano

Murano glass has been manufactured on the Venetian island of Murano for centuries and is famous all over the world for its beauty and craftsmanship. The glass makers and artisans typically make jewelry, art glass and decorative glass pieces, but they also made lamps.

Pricing for accent lamps made from Murano glass can have a huge range with much of it depending on who was the final producer of the lamp, where it was put together, the grade of glass and whether it can be verified that it was made in Murano. That said, an authentic Murano table lamp that was fully manufactured in Murano can go for higher than $9500 for a pair.

Small Lamps by Capo di Monte

Capo di Monte porcelain was first produced from 1743 to 1759 in Naples, Italy. After a brief hiatus, the factory reopened in Madrid, Spain and ran from 1771 to 1834. Today, the molds and the brand’s trademark (An N with a crown) has been acquired by the Doccia factory.

Though the Capo di Monte factory developed mostly kitchenware and pottery, the company also sold a number of decorative, small accent lamps. To buy an original Capo di Monte lamp will cost you between one hundred and one thousand dollars, though the price can vary wildly depending on the condition of the lamp and how easily its authenticity can be verified.

Accent Lamps by Waterford Crystal

Waterford Crystal small accent lamps are still made today and typically retail between $200 and $600 for a newly manufactured lamp. However, antique or collectible models can auction for hundreds of thousands.  Touch bedside lamps