Wine goblets are another name for wine glasses and were in fact the original vessels for drinking wine, although they were made of other materials than glass. Basically a wine goblet has a bowl to hold the wine and rests on a stem and a base. They date back to 400 AD and were made of clay in a somewhat rudimentary form and were used for ceremonies.

Today the ceremonies continue in the form of weddings and anything where wine is used as a toast. The materials changed over time moving from clay to pewter to gold, silver and to what we drink out of today, glass. There are still some pewter wine goblets made and some made from other materials and these are more considered goblets than the glassware used for drinking wine.

Red wine goblets were used for everyday use even when they were first made, not just for ceremonies. They were just of lower quality materials. The better goblets were saved for illustrious events and were typically owned by the wealthy who could afford lavish cups with jewels and gold. Today crystal wine goblets are the choice for high quality wine glassware.

Pewter has changed a lot since it was first used. Today it is made without lead as we now know that lead is poisonous to our bodies. Despite that, pewter was used for its malleability in forging. It’s a soft metal with a low boiling point which made it very easy to make pewter wine goblets. They are a little hard to keep polished as they tarnish very quickly but they are durable and will last as long as you take care of them. wine tours Willamette Valley