A blue topaz ring is a symbol of eternal romance and loyalty. In addition, it also carries deep symbolism relating to honesty and strong emotional attachment. A calming and soothing stone, it is also thought to offer protection against anxiety, depression and feelings of fear. This is why it’s the perfect gemstone for a wedding ring or engagement ring. Helzberg has a wide selection of stunning rings featuring this dazzling gem, including some with accent stones such as warm-toned citrine and sapphire. The topaz’s beauty pairs beautifully with the shimmering shine of sterling silver, gold and other precious metals. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, you’re sure to find the right piece of jewelry at Helzberg.

The energy of blue topaz is said to stimulate your third eye, promoting psychic healing and growth. It is also known as a powerful communication stone that aids your ability to receive messages from spirit, as well as enhance the gifts you already possess. It also helps with writer’s block, inspiring creative thought and enhancing your public speaking abilities.

This beautiful gemstone is thought to soothe headaches, rekindle the passion in a relationship and bring clarity to one’s thinking. It is also considered an excellent ally in times of financial hardship, as it helps us see the bigger picture and make wiser choices. It is known as a good luck charm, encouraging you to be brave and embrace your own power and sense of prosperity.

A popular alternative to the diamond engagement ring, blue topaz is becoming increasingly sought-after for its beauty and affordability. Not only is this beautiful gemstone a great choice for engagement rings, but it can also be incorporated into other jewelry pieces. Its durability makes it a great option for everyday wear, and it looks striking when paired with other colored gemstones like blue sapphire and amethyst.

In Hindi beliefs, including Vedic astrology, this comforting blue crystal is a powerful meditation stone that promotes concentration and perspective. It is also believed to shift the pressure of migraines, soothe sore throats and prevent clenching of the jaw. It is also used as a stone to help overcome fears of public speaking, and it brings a soothing kiss of confidence when faced with stressful situations.

The color of blue topaz is achieved through gamma radiation treatment, which irradiates the colorless topaz crystal to produce a deeper and richer shade of blue. This process is safe, and it is a very popular way to enhance the appearance of blue topaz. The topaz is then cut and polished into a variety of shapes and sizes for use in fine jewelry.

While topaz is a durable gemstone that rates 9 on the Mohs scale, it can be sensitive to sudden temperature changes and contact with chemicals, especially hairspray, perfume and household cleaners. For this reason, it’s important to keep your ring in a protective setting and away from rough surfaces. This will protect it from scratches and dents, keeping it looking great for longer.