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 reusable bags which instead of traditional plastic bags spread too quickly and the quality can not be guaranteed. According to specialists, China’s reusable bag is not environmentally friendly and about 80% of reusable bags use the material of PP (polypropylene copolymer).those will make environmental pollutions like plastic bags if they are discarded after use. A reusable bag is equivalent to a 50 ultra-thin plastic bags.200 questionnaires show that more than 30% of adults have built shopping habits; with bring reusable bags. About 38% say that sometimes they will take with a reusable shopping bag. Only about 11% commit that they will not bring reusable bags. The data indicates that after the ‘plastic limit’ implementation in three years, usage of plastic bag in China’s supermarket retail industry decreases by an average of 66.0%, the total reduction number is nearly 40 billion.Self-consciousness of consumers shopping bags significantly increased for the store choose to buy plastic bags, reusable shopping bag, nylon shopping bag, consumers prefer the latter two.In the first year after ‘Plastic limit’, orders of plastic bags decreases by 50% to 60%, the second and third years respectively reduces by 10 percentAfter three years late, the order decreases by 80%. Although the vest significantly reduced the number of plastic bags, but not equal to the plastic has a very significant decline in consumption, the biggest threat actually comes from the bags. A manufacturer of bags on sales of 100 million or so, the “plastic limit” for the first year, sales of bags increased by 50%, overall sales rose 30% over three years ago.After the ‘Plastic limit’ implementation, there are big demands for bags, non woven bag china so regardless of manufacturers, small factories are also overweight. China’s reusable bags are not environmentally friendly. 80% of reusable shopping bags available in the market known as non-woven bag or non-woven bags, use PP as raw material,. Although it can be used to wrap fooD, it is difficult to degrade in the natural environment .Reusable bags made of PP material once discarded after use, they will pollute the environment like plastic bags.A reasonable and specified amount of plastic raw materials is about three times the ultra-thin plastic bags, and large non-woven bag with plastic ultra-thin plastic bags is about 50 times. In other words, junk bags is equivalent to a 50 vest junk plastic bags. These bags are not environmentally friendly nature of the volume lies in its use of plastic or material, but it can be used multiple times. Each non-woven bags cost about $ 1.5 per ton of fabric about 1.4 million; But if it is used in the natural environment without degradation of plastic materials, but also increase the cost of about three times more. Many small and medium-sized manufacturers will not consider the use of non-plastic materials, workshops and even some families is to use recycled materials for secondary processing, but also create the bags.The reusable bag seems very environmentally friendly. But in natural environment, the degradation of a non-woven bag may need 8 years. Experts point out that if consumers do not re-use bags made of non-woven, it will still make a heavy burden on the environment. At present, main chargers of China plastic bags, reusable bags and other bags are the retailers.  MK bag on sale