Socks are a practical staple that’s surprisingly versatile and can be printed with an array of styles. Your store’s customers will love this opportunity to express their personality and individuality with a pair of unique socks that perfectly complements any outfit.

Before 2015, sock printing options were pretty limited. Embroidery was an option, but it didn’t offer the comfort, flexibility or creativity of a custom-printed sock. And direct-to-garment printing was a possibility, but the image would often fade and looked washed out when stretched.

Enter 360 printed socks, a brand-new technology that utilises dye sublimation to impart designs on the surface of the sock itself. This wraparound technique allows for incredibly detailed results, while avoiding the visibility of seams.

The result is a smooth, comfortable and breathable fabric that’s perfect for printing complex patterns on. The socks are also softer and more durable than cotton, with a non-slip top cuff that keeps them from sliding down the leg.

UniPrint digital Socks Printer uses two pieces of original Epson printhead and can print up to 50 pairs of socks in 8 hours, including one-color and multiple-color designs. Its anti-collision system helps protect the printhead against any collision during production, making it a reliable choice for high volume printing.

Upload your own designs or choose from a wide range of free graphic and pattern assets on the Printify library. This includes holiday designs, pets, chill vibes, retro vibes and many more to give your socks that wow factor. 360 printed socks