Do you need a breakdown on some ideas on how to be healthy?

Let this act as your guide to being healthy. If you asked me to describe to you what is healthy eating and what are the benefits of it I would have to tell you the following. This is a balance of essential vitamins and minerals into your diet. The benefits of healthy eating are increased energy levels, clear thinking patterns, healthy organs, hypertrophy of muscles, better skin quality, a fully functioning nervous system, and better blood flow.

Most people ask me “how to be healthy” and usually ask me if there is some kind of eating healthy guide that will help explain to them “what is healthy to eat.” I am going to give you three tips below on some healthy eating ideas.

1) Avoid over eating at all costs. The best way for you to be healthy is to eat more less often throughout the day. You want to stick to high nutrient dense foods such as leafy green vegetables, low sugar fruits like avocado, tomato, lemon, lime, and grapefruit. You can also throw in some fatty fish like salmon or tuna to reap the benefits of eating healthy. If healthy eating is something you are really interested in you will want to be careful not to be “too hungry” or “too full” be satisfied at all times! I have found for myself and for my clients that it works best not to put extra stress on your body by filling it to the max with food at a meal. It’s recommended that you eat a small dinner salad 30 minutes before your meal so your digestive system can prepare to breakdown whatever you happen to eat!

2) Drink lots of water! I would recommend drinking distilled water or at least purified reverse osmosis water. Did you know that hunger pains are often a sign of being dehydrated? Drinking more water is a sure way to show you “how to be healthy”, after all we are 80%-90% water! Drinking water will help flush out unwanted toxins stored in our bodies. Imagine cleaning your blood with fresh distilled water like cleaning the water in your fish tank! Being hydrated has MANY benefits including fulfilling hunger pains and supplying our bodies with the oxygen it needs for increased energy and better overall health.

3) Ditch the dairy! Dairy products are extremely congestive by nature and most humans consume dairy because it helps with building strong bones, right? NOPE! Did you know that part of the guide to eating healthy and getting healthy eating ideas is stop consuming dairy? You will be shocked how much better your body will feel after giving up dairy! Since I have completely limited dairy, and I mean I consume this RARELY, like every 3-4 months in small quantities. Better substitutes for cleaner healthy eating would include almond or rice milk, goat cheese, coconut milk ice cream or almond milk ice cream. I would honestly tell you this is the #1 thing to give up if you are looking for some healthy eating ideas!

I hope you enjoyed this article on healthy eating and the benefits of eating healthy. Now I hope you are saying “give me something healthy to eat!” Make sure to take advantage of your healthy eating guide below! woom